Where Did I Put . . . ?

here I go again

the short-term memory dance

with its missing steps

Catch Them While Ye May

thought bubbles float past

full of possibilities

but then — poof! — they’re gone

Sometimes You Just Can’t Win

finding an outfit

for air-conditioned office

and beastly hot day

Ready or Not

heat wave’s a’comin’

git yer iced tea ‘n fans — ‘n

please — no complainin’

Lost Sock Lament

where do they end up?!

I washed ten socks but now there’s

one missing — again

Prolific “Starter”

starting a project

with passion and energy;

watch out for slow leaks

Can’t Help Smilin’

strummin’ and singin’

playin’ soul-soothin’ music

ukulele joy

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