My own personal journey through life, has either opened up or shoved me into roles and sub-roles at various times: writer, mother, wife, friend, employee, bereft widow, awed grandmother, grieving mother, and so, so many more. In all the twists and turns, I have been surprised by the unexpected and touched by the remarkable gifts tucked into the darkest corners of life.

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  1. Anonymous
    Mar 06, 2015 @ 18:32:15

    O Sally! How very special. And what a great idea. What a great delight! Love, Carolyn


  2. Laurie Lorenz-Glantz
    Mar 21, 2015 @ 19:10:47

    Sally, your life seems to be a shining example of growth over a lifetime…. as well as courage. You are continually in the process of becoming! I admire you and am blessed by our friendship. I’m excited that you started this blog; I love to read what you write! Your support of my writing means so much to me. When I read your writing it helps me birth my own. Sending a cyberspace toast to blogging! Hugs and best wishes for your blog, Laurie


  3. Linda
    Jun 05, 2016 @ 17:24:51

    Ah-h-h-h….finally a site I can wander around and feel inspired by…thank you for creating this haven.
    She thought she could
    But would she
    She did


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