Walking This Labyrinth Called Life

Walking this labyrinth called life

The twists and turns,

Unexpected events and surprising encounters

Give me pause at times

Include incredible joys

Bring me up short

Shatter my heart

Taunt with regrets

If I had known . . .

If someone had told me . . .

If only I hadn’t . . .

If I had just . . .

I wonder what . . .

The unfinished phrases of life

Contain no answers,

Just pauses, starts, stops, hesitations, and bursts of wild running

All mixed together in this labyrinth called life

My life

The life in which the process is the point;

Not the destination, but the journey;

The now . . . the doing, learning, slogging, struggling, skipping, staring in awe,

Admiring sunsets, stopping to listen to bird chatter,

Throwing myself down in the face of tragedy,

Trudging, clawing, climbing, sliding;

Acutely aware that asking why is futile and foolish,

And hiding from the struggle drains my soul.

Walking this labyrinth called life,

I search for a better way

At the quiet center

Where I hear a whisper deep inside:

“You are not alone; not today,

Not tomorrow, not ever.”

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